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2017-10-13from: LimerickWent sailing with Jolene after she got out of work on Friday the 13th. Made the 4:30 bridge and as we hit the lake were greeted to a set of three 6 - 7 foot rollers while hoisting sail! Came in on the 8:30 bridge. Grilled while under way. Grilled bbq chicken, and brats. Wind was light and wave were 1 to 4s, but moderated as the evening went on. Moved most of the time in the 3.5 to 5 knot range. A cloud line came in and blanketed the sunset, but there were pink and purple hues in the quickly darkening dusk light. We sailed about an hour and a half after sunset, and the breeze continued on, light and steady.
2017-10-12from: LimerickWent sailing with Allen G. sailed over 16 miles in flat water with an east wind. Sailed a beam reach with A-sail both North and South. Grilled bbq pork while under way!
2017-09-12from: limerickwent sailing with Jolene. Healed pretty good.
2017-09-02from: LimerickWoke up in Saugatuck. Dingyed in for some breakfast at pumpernickles. Then dingyed over to tower and seen Dave and his wife on the end of West pier. Found out that Mike on windhunter is at Singapore yacht club now. Seen Nancy and Allen on Desire. They were prepping for a charter that morning. They said Sails call is no longer there and that Ted's boat is no longer there. Things change. We set sail about 12:30 for South Haven. As soon as we cleared the piers and got the main up, I worked on getting up the spinnaker. We flew the spinnaker all the way to Glen where we motored close to shore and anchored for a lunch break at about 2:30 pm. When we left there the same sails were put back up and carried on to just 1/2 mile from the piers where after a nice puff that had us at 6.4 the wind died out, and we went down to 2 knots speed. This is where we motored in. We were quicker on the return trip, only about 3.75 hours pier to pier. This was a GREAT SAIL!!!
2017-09-01from: LimerickSailed to Saugatuck with Jolene. Took us 4.5 hours by the time we anchored in lake Kalamazoo. We were doing 5.5-6.5 most of the way, but must have had current against us. Also puffy gust coming from the East shore in the high teens caused some tense moments for Jolene. All in all, a good sail. Spent the night on the hook listening to two bands in Saugatuck.
2017-08-21from: LimerickWent sailing with Jolene after spending the night on the boat in prep for the out of water boat inspection. Installed a new hose clamp on exhaust through hull nipple. Cleaned the bilge. As we got on the lake we were met with a nice SW breeze in the 12 - 15 knot range. We headed SE at 6 knots under full sail. This is the fastest sail I've had in August. Mainsail was flattened as much as possible without the cuningham, and traveler was midship. We tacked out as we closed on shore about a mile and a half South of the piers. We were in 9 feet of water. It was a great sail down the shoreline. As we headed offshore and on a close reach with the boat flatter doing 5.5 knots the breeze slowly lightened. When we were back in front of the piers and at least a mile offshore, we tacked towards the South Beach. Now we were barely moving at just over 2 knots, sometimes 3 knots. When we were a quarter mile from the lighthouse, I took down all sail and motored South a bit. We anchored in 20 feet of water and went for a swim. I cleaned the hull all the way around too. this took quite a while in the 1 - 3 foot chop. The water was great. SH buoy had it at 73 degrees. As I finished up the hull cleaning, it started to sprinkle. We motored in, got to the slip dry. I hoisted the main to dry it. We then got all packed up to go home with dark clouds to the North and West. Then we started hearing rumbles of thunder. As we left the boat and headed down the dock to the jeep it started raining pretty good, with some lightning. It downpoured on the way home.
2017-08-20from: LimerickMotored to the clay cliffs with Jolene. About a half mile from our anchorage the motor went clunk, clunk, clunk, and then died. I put it in neutral and it started right back up. I put it in forward at idle, all ok. I shifted to reverse, all ok. I revved it in reverse a couple times. I switched back to forward and we headed on. At our anchorage a piece of chewed up plastic about 3 feet long floated up next to the boat. hmm. We went for a swim. Jolene looked for glass, and found some. The lake was flat with no wind. We grilled chicken kabobs with squash and brussle sprouts. As we were eating at a half hour before sunset, I noticed a light Easterly breeze starting. I took down the sunshade, and prepped for a sail. The light wind built to a steady 5 - 7 knots. We made 3-3.5 knots back to the pierheads in flat water with a hazy, firey sunset that dipped below the clouds, and a quickly darkening night sky.