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2018-10-08from: LimerickWent sailing with Allen in light wind after we loaded the dingy in the pickup at the marina. Had a decent start, but as we made our way offshore the wind slowly diminished to almost nothing, during that time we switched to the spinnaker and beam reached. We were down to less than a knot, but then it picked up a bit and we remained sailing. Coming back in Allen thought we could do as well with the jib, so down came the spinnaker and of course about that time the breeze increased. All in all a slow sail, but a good sail.
2018-09-14from: LimerickWent out for a sail with Jolene after our great morning charter sail. Foggyier than this morning. Wind died about 2 miles offshore. It picked up an hour later and we moved nicely back to the piers. As we approached the North beach, the fog got thicker and we could only see 50 yards. Lots of boats in the area, we headed in.
2018-09-03from: LimerickLabor day play day and sail with Jolene, Nicole, Robert, and CJ. Went to our new favorite sand bar and dune North of VBSP. It was a real rolly anchor there with wind out of the North and waves out of the West. Went swimming and dune climbing, beach walking and glassing, wave body-surfing and cherry vodka lemonade drinking. Then the wind picked up out of the North to 12 - 15 knots and knocked down the westerly swell. We decided not to grill there as it was still too rolly. We headed off NW under sail and made 6.9 knots with a reef in the main, full jib, and all passengers on the high side. CJ and Nicole did the rope lean off the rail for added ballast. Made one long tack out and then back in. Made the piers as a cloud line was moving in from the West. Grilled chilli cheese dogs at the slip. Stayed dry till after the kids left, but it rained hard just to our South about the time we tied up to the slip. Great day on the water with the kiddos
2018-06-03from: LimerickWent sailing after wasting the afternoon trying to decide if we wanted to go sailing! Ended up being just me. Dingy was flat one side and full of water, almost sunk. Burned out a fuse trying to inflate it when the blower sucked some water accidentally. Finally got that squared away. Made the 8:30 pm bridge. Came in on the 11:00 pm bridge. Had an excellent sail with 10-15 knot wind in flat to 1' seas. Wind was from the ENE to E. Flew the spinnaker out the meet up with John and Jennen's boat. They got a nice pic of me under sail. Beat back in with rolled up jib and 1 reef in the main doing between 5.5 and 6.5 all the way! Then it was beam reaches up and down the shore line with some gusts. A great sail.
2018-05-28from: LimerickMemorial day sail! Chris made it right on time and we caught the 9:30 bridge. The bridge was broken and only one leaf was up. We squeezed through it. There was no wind and we motored straight for VBSP. This was the 3rd day of 90's in a row, and the water was warmed to the low 70s. Not bad for May! After alot of sun, some grilled brats, snacks, and many cherry lemonades, we set sail for the return. We left under spinnaker, but that soon changed, as the wind was transitioning. Ended up with jib and main and moving quite nicely, a good sail back home.
2018-05-26from: LimerickGot up early and made the 9:00 bridge. Sailed under light winds towing the dinghy offshore about 2.5 miles on a close reach. Tacked and sailed close reach to close hulled to VBSP. Anchored on the South side. A good sail. Splashed around on the sand bar in the warming water. Air temp in high 80s (90 inshore). Wind died during the day, and we motored back around 5ish.
2018-05-20from: LimerickFinally got out for my second sail. Decided to go by my self as Jolene wasn't feeling up to it. Rain ended by the time I got to the marina. I dried off the boat and headed out for the 6 pm bridge. There was light wind on the lake maybe 7 or 8 knots at times. Waves lumpy at times from the NNW. I close reached out 2 miles from 3 to 4 knots. Coming back in was easier as the waves gave me a little push. I went back out again, this time trying close hulled. This was slower, but I was able to gain to weather. This time on my way in I sailed SE right past the piers and hardend up sailing parallel with the S pier till 8 feet. I headed S down wind and rolled up the jib, and then took down the main and motored in.